Shopify Development

I can help develop your Shopify store with an SEO-focused strategy. An SEO-centric approach can mainly benefit you in 2 ways. First, you know the products that people are looking to buy. The second benefit helps your site rank higher on relevant search terms within your niche.

You want to have this kind of approach because featuring the right products can lead to more conversions, and ranking on page 1 makes your site more visible.

The other things that I can do for your Shopify store are the following:


Procurement and Inventory Management

  • Liaise with your suppliers to help you get the best products for your store at competitive prices.
  • Perform research to pick new products for your store that can help bring in more sales
  • Track product inventory to ensure that your best-sellers don’t go out of stock

Store Administration

  • Use the Matrixify plugin to perform bulk updates efficiently
  • Perform periodic stock reconciliation
  • Set up your store’s sidebars and navigation menus

Product Sourcing and Processing

  • Use the Oberlo plugin to find products in Aliexpress to import to your Shopify store
  • Audit your product and collection pages and make the necessary changes to optimize them for conversions
  • Perform basic image editing to remove watermarks

Market and Product Research

  • Perform SEO-based research to determine your store’s size and identify the products in your chosen niche
  • Study what your competitors are doing to help you come up with the right strategy to succeed
  • Identify the keywords to use in optimizing your product and collection pages for SEO

Software Tools Used

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