How to Optimize Your Product Titles for SEO

One of the challenges that most e-commerce store owners face is naming their products.


Because there is no right or wrong way to name a product.

The thing that you want to accomplish when naming a product is to make it appealing to your website visitors and search engines.

Giving your products catchy names increases the likelihood of conversion.

Because when people are drawn to a product name, they will likely check it out.

Let’s say that your online store is selling running shoes.

If you want search engines to rank your site, it should contain words that naturally come up in conversations about running shoes. The keywords should be found in page titles, product titles, meta descriptions, or blog articles.

In this article, I will share a simple yet effective process to optimize the products in your e-commerce store for SEO.

2 simple ways to name a product

When naming the products in your store, you can do it in two ways. The first method is to give it a catchy name. Your second option would be to give it something descriptive.

Making this a part of the process can help you beat the competitors in your niche because ranking high in relevant search terms within your niche brings more traffic to your site.

You are guided into featuring only the commonly used terms that people type into search engines when looking for products and integrating those keywords into your product name.

1. Catchy product names

e.g. The Energizer Ultra Marathon Shoes or Easy Stride Ultra Marathon Shoes

For catchy product names, use popular terms to help you describe the product. Catchy product names help you capture attention. Hopefully, it will entice your website visitors to take a closer look at your product. 

2. Descriptive product names

e.g. Super Comfy Ultra Marathon Shoes or Orthotic Ultra Marathon Shoes

A simple way to name a product is to describe it. It helps you get your point across. Just make sure that it accurately reflects the product or all of its features.

How to integrate the keywords in the product names

Now comes the tricky part of integrating the keywords in your product names. The key here is to make it sound natural. You want it to blend well with your products.

Let’s break down how the product name is structured.

For all the examples, the keyword used was Ultra Marathon Shoes.

What you can do here to simplify this process is to divide the product name into two parts. The text in red is what we can call the descriptor. The text in blue is the keyword section.

product name breakdown

Please note that the keyword section can be situated anywhere. Where you decide to put the keyword is up to you.

There are instances where you will need to put the targeted keyword in the beginning or somewhere in the middle of the product name.

And that is totally fine.

It’s also up to you if you want the keywords to be an exact match (as it was typed in search engines), or you can also decide to mix it up as long as search engines see it as the same keyword.

semantic keywords

One example to explain this better would be to look at the search results of the keyword marathon shoes

You can see in the SERP that Google is highlighting the word running shoes.

The two words are different but can refer to the same thing. Simply put, the keyword, marathon shoes, is another way of saying running shoes. Google sees them as the same. 

In other words, these are semantic keywords. And in SEO, this happens a lot. 

Semantic words often come up in conversations when you talk about a specific subject, in this case – running shoes. 

And that is how you can optimize your product titles for SEO.